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About Servicemark

Seattle’s Central Business District is our neighborhood. As a company, we’ve grown up here since 1953. Many of its buildings are like old friends, not to mention the people who design, build, manage and occupy them.

There is a sense of place that drives Servicemark, an innate respect for public space, work space and, above all, personal space. Servicemark has spent more than half a century taking care of occupied offices so that they can go about their daily activities.

Our location, relationships, people and culture are all key factors in the unmatched value and peace of mind we provide to clients with office and retail space throughout Seattle and the Puget Sound region. These factors translate directly into the benefits you see below, and will see in action as a valued client of Servicemark.

If there’s one thing we’ve mastered during more than 50 years spent servicing over 2.5 million square feet of space, it’s working in occupied buildings. The trust and respect we’ve earned and displayed over the years has solidified a reputation we work very hard to protect

Servicemark offers construction and building services to our clients with one phone call or by utilizing our convenient online work order option, reducing time and cost. We are able to respond quickly and efficiently to any client need. Servicemark provides all-inclusive service and a friendly representative to manage your work order.

Servicemark’s goal is to gain your trust and to build a long-term relationship. We do this by listening carefully to get a clear understanding of your goals and expectations. Our professional team is dedicated to providing you with excellent customer service in response to your urgent and ongoing needs

Servicemark is closely affiliated with UNIMARK Construction Group, a Seattle-area general contractor. Our services and cultures are a perfect match. Having ready access to UNIMARK resources ensures a seamless experience for our clients, regardless of project scope. Together, we meet the needs of all clients while maintaining the highest standards.

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