Chad Smed

General Manager, Prefabricated Solutions Division

As General Manager of Servicemark’s Prefabricated Solutions Division, Chad leads a team of in-house designers and project managers to support architects and clients’ visions for increasing the use of prefabricated, modular construction solutions in commercial construction projects.  He specifically services the office, healthcare, education, government and hospitality sectors.


Since 1993, Chad has spent the majority of his time in Seattle as a distributor of top furniture and architectural products, including moveable walls, raised floor, millwork, timber, acoustic materials and modular high and low voltage solutions.  From 2014 until joining Servicemark, Chad served as President of Western Office Seattle and Western Construct, a top dealer for DIRTT Environmental Solutions and Knoll office products. Along with having actively participated in delivering over $200 million worth of furniture and prefabricated interior construction projects to the greater Puget Sound region, Chad has completed major projects throughout North America and in many international markets such as London, Hong Kong, Geneva and the Bahamas. 

Chad was raised in a family of cabinet makers, carpenters and eventual entrepreneurs. From a young age, he worked between the millwork shop and the family’s larger manufacturing facilities.  When asked about the most important lesson he learned growing up in this industry, he replied, “none of this could have happened without the people…all of them.  Growing up around craftspeople from around the world in one of North America’s earliest apprenticeship programs, I saw men and women show up early for work and stay long after they clocked out, working on passion projects of their own.  It wasn’t just a job, it was an integral part of their lives. ‘Love what you do and you’ll never work a day in your life.’”  Today, Chad couldn’t be more excited to join the Servicemark team and the Skyline family of companies, which he described as, “hands down the best possible vehicle for bringing prefabricated construction solutions to a justifiably receptive market.”


Chad works together with his team, each person doing their part, regardless of tenure, to deliver on the commitments made to their clients. He believes the two most important roles a leader must fill are to encourage and motivate their team and to be there, unconditionally, to own and address whatever challenges might arise.


Chad loves all things outdoors like fishing, diving, kayaking and hiking. He also enjoys golf, tennis, Sunday puzzles, Sudoku, reading, movies and listening to pretty much any style of music. Chad is an avid sports fan and loves watching the Seahawks, Mariners and now the Kraken.  And work.  He also loves work.




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