Jessica Carps is CEO and a member of Skyline’s board of directors. She was the first female leader to hold the COO title and to join the Board of Directors.

Jessica is recognized for her approach to driving growth through a focus on people, scalable operations, and innovation. In the first five years under her leadership, Skyline’s revenue more than tripled to well over half a billion dollars.

A core part of Jessica’s emphasis on attracting, retaining, and advancing people is the Skyline ESOP program. A passionate steward of employee well-being, she believes compensation, opportunity, ethics, and culture are equally important elements of success. An ESOP expert, Jessica ensures that the Skyline ESOP plan provides meaningful, sustainable benefits for employees, and has improved corporate governance by adding controls and elevating board participation to ensure decision-making is in the best interest of shareholders.

Jessica’s strong management of Skyline’s operations is a result of her extensive background in management consulting and manufacturing. This perspective, coupled with her construction and real estate industry expertise, is a driving force behind Skyline’s growth strategy and operational excellence. Her work building repeatable processes and systems to facilitate growth has driven profitability which has allowed Skyline to expand nationally.

Jessica’s role as CEO of  Skyline’s family of companies is concentrated on bringing innovation to every part of the business. She has created a culture of innovation through her oversight of the SkyService Team, a group of subject matter experts guiding the Skyline family of companies in many operational areas of the business, including HR, Finance, Marketing, Sales, Legal, Safety, IT, and Security. Under her leadership, this team successfully executed the start-up of two new subsidiaries in 2019, the acquisition of two Seattle-based construction firms in 2020, and the addition of new office locations in 2021 and 2022.

­­Jessica has worked diligently to pave the way for female leadership at Skyline. During her tenure, she has promoted five women onto the leadership team, recruited top female tech talent into the construction industry, and continues to mentor women within Skyline and the broader industry to accept leadership level responsibility. Jessica was recently named a Bay Area Power Woman and is a graduate of the University of Michigan Ross School of Business.


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